Sisterhood of the Vine Release Date

Allentown, PA

Julian Farris Films is excited to announce the premiere of its latest documentary, Sisterhood of the Vine. A collaborative effort with WFMZ-TV’s documentary unit, the hour long special will air on WFMZ-TV’s main channel on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 9:00 PM.

Sisterhood of the Vine is an intimate look at one woman’s journey from a young mother, unsure of her next move, to a powerful businesswoman who found her calling and her passion among the rows of grape vines she so lovingly cultivates. It’s also an exploration of the bonds of friendship and female empowerment.
At its core is Elaine Pivinski, owner and operator of Franklin Hill Vineyards in Bangor, PA. She and her husband founded the vineyard in the 1970s, and worked to grow both their family and their business.

“She would work the fields with one baby strapped to her back, while pulling another baby behind in a wagon,” says Julian Farris Films President and WFMZ Docujournalist Jaccii Farris. But after Pivinksi and her husband split up, Pivinski was forced to go it alone. The road ahead of her was cluttered by obstacles and doubt; shutting down the vineyard was a very real possibility. But over time, and with the assistance of a core group of local mothers and friends dubbed the “Fab Five,” Pivinski found her way, and Franklin Hill has emerged as a destination winery in Pennsylvania’s northeast region.

The seeds for Sisterhood of the Vine were first planted two years ago, when Farris was introduced to the Pivinski family. Like a fine wine, the documentary has blossomed into an experience meant to be shared with family and friends. “It has been inspirational to see all that Elaine has built while empowering generations of women,” says Farris.
Watch Sisterhood of the Vine on Saturday, May 5, 2018 on WFMZ-TV.


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