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Julian Farris Films strives to encourage artists to defy barriers and dig deep within themselves to bring their imaginations alive. Promoting creativity through nurturing and cooperative exercise. Creating a consortium to routinely bring those creations to fruition on film.

No limits.

The JFF team is beginning pre-production on a new documentary. “Letters to Frieda” is the story of Holocaust survivor and Allentown resident Michele Willner Levy, who was just a child when WWII was raging. She goes on a mission to discover the truth about the horrors her family suffered at the hands of the Nazis after finding a treasure trove of artifacts saved by her mother; among them, four letters written by the grandparents Michele never knew.

Check out our Indiegogo campaign to make your tax-deductible contribution to help us make sure this story is told.

Letters to Frieda

JFF is partnering with the Haydenfilms Institute for “Letters to Frieda.” Check out the “Buzz” section for details.

 Mayo Girl

Production has wrapped on Julian Farris Films’ latest project, “Mayo Girl.” Check out the “Recent Posts” section for updates.